Canoe WPR

PRICES,INFORMATION AND RULES *************************


All cabins are fully furnished and equipped and include the following:

 *Bed linens and blankets
 *TV and VCR with cable service
 *Restroom with shower and towels
  (Please bring your own beach towels for outdoor use)
 *Stove/oven, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, utensils
   pots/pans, dishes, dishsoap, scrubber, washcloth and dishtowel

Cabin 1 & 2 rental: 
 One bedroom (full size bed) and sofa bed.
   $100.00 per night   (Summer season) April 1- October 31
    Cabin 1 & 2 rates are based on occupancy by 2 adults.
     *Cabin 1 maximum occupancy 4 persons.
     *Cabin 2 maximum occupancy 5 persons.
Cabin 3 & 4 rental:
 Two bedrooms (full size beds) and full size futon plus loft
 with 2 single beds. This is a duplex cabin with an adjoining
 door that can be opened for group use.

   $150.00 per night   (Summer season) April 1- October 31
    Cabin 3 & 4 rates are based on occupancy by 4-adults.
     *Cabins 3 & 4 maximum occupancy 7 persons.


* $10.00 will be charged for each additional person per cabin 
   over 17 years of age.

* Guests 17 yrs. of age and younger stay free

* 3 night minimum on holiday weekends.

* Check-in time is 3:30pm Check-out time is 11:30am

* Early check in fee $50.00 before 1:00 pm

* All cabin rentals subject to 6% sales tax

* Prices are subject to change which will go into effect immediately

* From June 1st to August 30th there will be no Saturday departures for cabin rentals

* Cancellations MUST be made at least 21 days prior to reservation check in date.
*** We are a small place but quite popular and the season is short so we try to keep
*** the cabins rented throughout the season. If you cancel late you are responsible for
*** payment of the entire term of the reservation. Please make cancelations in a timely 
*** manner as we will then try to rebook. Thanks!!!!

* Deposits of one nights charge per cabin are required for
  reservation and should be sent to:
  Whispering Pines Resort
  11763 W. 612
  Frederic, MI 49733

We accept checks, cash or money orders only

Discounts: Cabin rentals of 6 nights or longer receive a 15% discount. Additional visits per calendar year receive a 10% discount. Only 1 discount/visit applies.


We have 10 campsites. Five sites have water & electrical hookups.

R.V. and Campsite rental:
   $20.00 per tent per night all campsites
     Campsites are based on 2 person occupancy.
    $2 will be charged per additional person.

   $30.00 per R.V. Per night with water and electrical connection
    RV sites are based on 4 person occupancy.
    $2 will be charged per additional person.


Firewood $5.00 per load. (See manager)

We have 5 canoes and 10 kayaks, their use is exclusive and FREE to our guests.
Available on a first come basis. Please share their usage.
Canoe/kayak spotting and pickup service: $10.00 per boat.

Non-guest showers $3.00 each.

RULES! (Sugguested behavior)

 Our intent is for Whispering Pines to be a pleasant and
 enjoyable retreat for all our guests. With that in mind
 we would like our guests to adhere to some common sense

       * Be aware of the proximity of other guests and neighbors.
          + Music, keep the volume down, more so between 10pm-9am.
          + Profanity, keep it to yourselves. There are usually
            kids around.
       * Please adhere to a 10 mph speed limit.
       * Dirt bikes and ORVs are not to be ridden on the property
            (exception: You may drive them off property to get to trails).
          + The DNR is very active in this area. Have the right 
            stickers and be on the right trails.   
       * Please keep campfires small.
       * Please put cigarette butts in firepits.
       * Dogs are welcome:
          + A $10 cleaning fee will be added for guests with pets.
          + Leave vicious or continual barking dogs at home.
          + Must be house broken.
          + Never leave unattended, tied up or in the cabin. 
            You are responsable for their damage.
          + Please clean up after them.


The Cabins.
       * All contents are private property. Please take care of them.
       * They are thoroughly cleaned after every use. 
         But, We are not your mother...
           + Please do your own dishes.
       * Septic systems are in use here.
           + Please do not dispose of feminine products in toilets
           + Park only on office side of cabins, old underground septic
             tanks WILL collapse.

The Campground.
       * Please keep campfires small.
       * Picnic tables, lift them to move, don't drag them.
         It's hard enough to keep the grass we have.

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